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How we've started our famous tradition

"From the earliest times of humankind, salt has been an essential part of preparing food, but most importantly, of the practices of storage food. The best methods have been passed on from generation to generation, at first within the family; when the art of preparing food evolved into a craft, these secrets were taught within the guilds, from master to pupil.

Done with passion and dedication, any profession can become art. Our Romanian proverbs share this wisdom: “Salt is good for cooking, as long as it’s in the right amount!” or “Not the one that cooks is the true chef, but the one that puts right the salt!”




A true meeting place of culinary traditions

It is of no surprise, then, that today, one of the best butchery products, semi-smoked meats, fresh meats and hams from Transylvania, come precisely from the Gherla-Dej area, renowned for its salt mines as far as 2000 years ago! This area became a true meeting place, a crossroads of al Romanian, Hungarian, Saxon, and Armenian culinary traditions, leading to the discovery of the most carefully created tastes and flavors.    

It is on this solid ground that Master Butcher Mariflor built his business. He has achieved the great task of taking the local traditions forward due to his patience, skill, and artisanship. And he rediscovered many of the old, famous recipes within today’s products.



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Enjoy the combinations of tastes and flavors.