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A new concept for Mariflor Stores

We are delighted to invite you to enter the world of Master Butcher Mariflor, the embodiment of our history, passion and skill. The new concept that we developed for Mariflor stores entails the integration of a bistro area where we serve cooked food in a welcoming, relaxed surrounding.

We chose to offer our clients food that is freshly cooked at our stores, so that we bring even more value to the concept. Each area is clearly delineated. There is a selling–serving, and product presentation area; and a bistro area, with a warm and pleasant design, modernly furbished.

We look forward to receiving you in our space, with a welcoming and warm mood, full of flavors and good taste!



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The new Mariflor packaging

Mariflor now in a new presentation: a new image, a graphic sign new stores and refurbished with a modern and pleasant design course, new packaging. New image and new packaging now found Mariflor. Search stores products “Mariflor – Master Butcher Shop”

Do not say more yet! But be prepared to see the sign with the Master Butcher Mariflor in several places in Cluj, Dej and Gherla.



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Mariflor – Maestru în Macelarie (Master Butcher)

Recently, we have given a new name to our story: Mariflor – Maestru în Măcelărie (Master Butcher).

The main character in our story is Master Butcher. Over the years, he has refined he’s recopies and culinary taste, now sharing with us his experience. His signature gesture is charming and evocative, one that talks about the goodness and tastiness of his creations, and that invites us to have a taste.

With the first stores redesigned, we have the pleasure to introduce you to Master Butcher’s world, a true embodiment of our history, passion and craft. We invite you to the welcoming, warm atmosphere of Mariflor, full of flavor and good taste!